How do I perform a Traceroute, whois, ping, and dig?

Traceroute, whois, ping, and dig.

The traceroute, whois, ping, and dig tools are very informative. There are many ways to run the commands, but here are the easiest.

1) Goto
2) Choose Express
3) Put the domain or IP in the search field and hit "Submit"

This will run a series of tests. Give the tools a moment to run and check your results.

Response times may vary dramatically because the packet is crossing long distances, other times the increases come from network congestion.

Alternatively you can run treacert from your PC. For Example:
C:> tracert

How to use Traceroute
>Windows Environment
Traceroute can be accessed at a DOS or command prompt. An Internet connection must already be established.
1. Click on Start > Programs > DOS Prompt (Windows 95-98) or Command Prompt (NT). In a Windows 2000 or XP environment, click on Start > Run. Type command into the dialog box, then click OK.
2. In the resulting command line window, type tracert hostname, where hostname can be a domain name, a machine name or an IP address.
3. Press Enter.

For example:
C:> tracert

>Mac OS X Environment
1. Double-click the Hard Drive icon > Applications folder > Utilities folder > Network Utility program.
2. Select the Traceroute tab and enter the hostname, where hostname can be a domain name, a machine name or an IP address.
3. Press Enter.

To copy text such as traceroute and ping results from an MS-DOS prompt, you should right-click on the MS-DOS window and choose Mark.
Then select the text with your mouse and right-click or press Enter on your keyboard to save the marked text to your clipboard. Then you can paste it by pressing Ctrl+V.

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