Does eNom require authorization for transfers away to another registrar?

eNom does not send verification emails for transfers away. The only requirement is that you have removed the registrar lock for the domain (.com and .net).  Or you must obtain the authorization key (EPP key for .org, .info, .biz, .us and .cn domains) from eNom. The responsibility for registrant verification lies with the gaining registrar, thus it is their responsibility to verify this information.

eNom automatically releases the domain to your new registrar, as per ICANN regulations, five days from the date the registry has notified us of the transfer request. (The date the domain was sent into “PENDING TRANSFER” status with the global registry.)

If a domain is in "pending transfer" status, we can manually approve the transfer with the registry and speed it up a bit if you would like. eNom confirms all manual transfer approval requests to the registrant and/or administrative domain contacts.

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