Why was my order rejected?

Why was my order rejected?

All orders are processed after they pass a fraud check system which verifies the payment source, the IP address the order was placed from, the address on your account profile, any indications of the order being originated from an open or anonymous proxy and the details of the domain you signed up with. Based on the result of this verification, your order may be accepted as good or rejected as fraud. Some common reasons you may be marked as fraud:

 * The IP of your billing address location does not match the IP address where your order originated from. For example; your IP is of the United States but your billing address is of China.

 * Your order came from and Open or Anonymous proxy.

 * The payment source (credit card or Paypal) does not match the information provided on your profile. For example, the name and/ or email ID used for paypal transaction is different from the name and/ or email ID used to register the account. Another example is if you have several attempts to pay for the order using different credit cards.

 * Your domain is in clear violation of our TOS or AUP

If your order matches one or many of the criteria above, your order may be marked as fraud and you may receive an email from us explaining the inconsistensies in the order as well as as verify details that may look out of place. If you feel your order was marked as fraud by mistake, please contact our billing department at billing@mistercertified.com and we'll be happy to investigate the issue and provide a more thorough explanation or review your order again. There is a chance we'll ask you to provide further verification of your identity, such as a scanned copy of your drivers license or some other form of personal identification. In addition to your photo ID, please include a scanned copy of the credit card that was used in your account purchase (assuming you purchased a hosting account with a credit card). You may mask/ hide all but the last 4 digits of the credit card number for your protection, but please ensure the name of the cardholder and expiration date are legible.

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